At around 10:00 am, just north of the "North Solitary Island" (near Coffs Harbour) and about a mile to seaward, I was on watch and in the saloon, Susanne had gone back to bed for a little combat nap when I heard a load "bang" followed a sustained "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (the sound that every fisher person loves to hear, that of the drag on a big reel feeding line to a big fish)  I rushed out on deck, the port fishing rod, a custom 24 Kg stand up with a Shimano Tiagra 50 LRS reel was in the water behind the boat but still connected to the boat via the rod safety line. The bang was the sound of the rod holder disintegrating. The reel was set to 8 kg drag and it was still giving line, This was a big fish!!. I dumped the sails and grabbed the rod and shouted for Susanne. I had to shout several times ( she thought she was dreaming that someone was calling her). After a 10 minute fight while I shouted instructions to Susanne, ( head up into the wind, grab the gaff, grab the camera, where is my harness and fighting belt?? etc etc) we had the fish to the boat


dolfish1.jpg - 65763 Bytes


A couple of tense seconds later I gaffed this magnificent Dolfin fish ( or Mai Mai or Elderado depending where you come from)

dolfish2.jpg - 42895 Bytes

The Fish was 157 ( approx 5ft 2 inch) cm long with a 60 cm (approx 2 ft) girth and weight around 30 Kg (approx 67 pounds)

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One of the best things about Dolfin fish is that they are great eating and Susanne had fun for about the next two weeks coming up with new recipes for dolfin fish. Loved it!!